I have an interview for a research analyst internship at an Investment Mgmt firm $1B AUM. They are really big on equities and small cap stocks but also invest in large caps. The person interviewing me is a PM that was interviwed on CNBC & Fox and pretty good at what he does. Had a phone conversation with him and sounds like he likes me and I am confident I will get this. I would appreaciate some help with interview matter such as what I should present on the business side of things other than maybe a couple of stock picks. Any and all help would be appreciated.


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Sounds like a pretty small firm, so they probably won't throw you any extremely hard questions, most likely just fit. Know what's going on in the markets and show a genuine interest in the industry. If you have your own portfolio, definitely mention that and tell them about 1 or 2 of your favorite equities and how you chose them (due diligence process). You probably already did this since you mentioned you already had an interview, but research the firm inside and out and check out your interviewer on linkedin and see if you have any similarities and interests and bring those up. Shouldn't be that hard, but good luck.

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