Research Analyst( Scientific Equity, Global Economics) vs Global Supply Manager at SV giant

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Hi, I'm a second year quant within the Asset Management division at a BB; deciding between moving laterally to the Global Research division or to a SV giant for their GSM role. The first role within Global Research is within a new primary research & predictive analytics team meant to support the equity research folks with quant approaches to stock selection. The second role is more traditional, and within their Global Economics team.

While I understand that a comparison of these three roles on paper would seem ridiculous given the differences in fields/skillset/industries, what factors should I consider while evaluating these choices?
What drove me to my current "quant" role initially was the chance to work on manager selection/stock selection models but this past year has made me reconsider/explore other interests.
The GSM team seems to have a good exposure to negotiation, analytics and strategy which I enjoy, based on my interactions with the interviewers, and a lot of them moved to this current from Tech IB/Tech M&A. Do I risk being siloed into supply chain management for exit ops?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated