Research analyst with a I bank or a bank holding company

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What will you choose.....1 or 2

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  1. Research analyst with an independent investment bank. The investment bank is new (2.5 years of existence) but very innovative and dynamic, has launched 6 funds (5 of them having returns 5-7% and outperforming the underlying index) and has been awarded recently for innovation. Also has devised its own indices, very good quality research reports and very aggressive. I banks are risky now a days, but the region has good regulations and there is no exposure to structured products. Mainly into advisory, fund raising, sales and trading and research. Headcount of the firm is around 200, so might be more responsibilities.

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  1. Research analyst with the research division of the investment arm of a bank conglomerate with 20% salary increment over the offer from investment bank. The bank is one of the biggest retail and commercial banks in the region, but the financial services vertical is not very dynamic and strong (as per the website and analyst reports), also they don't have any specific company coverage but cover the market in general. Have 16 funds but not very strong. The bank is big and has large headcount, so might be lack of recognition.

Another point of interest is that the head of research of the I bank #1 was previously the head of research and advisory of bank #2, so what I eblieve there must had been reasons for him as well for moving. Also, I had contacted him to have an opinion and he said that its totally my decision and he doesn't want to have liability in it, also, he said that he has worked with both the banks and that #2 is old and #1 is new and is performing well (with 4 awards in a year).

Please suggest, I am in a dilemma. I am inclined towards choice 1, because I always want to work with an investment bank which is more dynamic, challenging and innovative. Though 20% increment is a good amount, and am not able to judge the opportunity cost for accepting it.

Any comments and suggestions will be highly appreciated.

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Jan 12, 2009