Running a Corp Dev Team With No Formal Corp Dev Experience

Just landed a VP of Corp Dev role at a PortCo of the MF that I just left. The challenge is that I've only done 2 years at a BB and 2 years at an MF, so I have 0 Corp Dev experience beyond doing a couple add-ons in PE. Thankfully I have some industry background as I worked in the same sector group in banking and PE (I was not assigned to the company when I was associate so I don't have a ton of background on it).

It's a decently scaled business ($100mm+ Rev, growing 20%+, 20%+ Margins), but they've never done any M&A before, so there is no infrastructure available for me to leverage and the VP that was assigned to the company jumped funds, so the guy I knew with all of the context is out. And the M&A/Corp Dev Summit for all of the VPs of Corp Dev at this MF's PortCos isn't for 6 months, so I can't leach off of that.

My question is two-fold:

1) What resources are available to figure out how to run a corp dev team from scratch (books, podcasts, interviews, etc). If there are meetups/conference where I can up to speed quickly I would happily fly anywhere.

2) I have a Corp Dev Associate who's a few years older than me coming in at the same time. In addition, I've got an FP&A guy and Legal gal assigned to support me largely that are also considerably older. Does anyone have any advice on the best way to navigate this dynamic?

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Sep 3, 2019


Sep 3, 2019