Short-Term Thinking Can Stall Your Career

According to google billionaire Eric Schmidt, many people negatively affect their career by thinking about the short term. If you only worry about what you're getting done in the moment, you're working a job, not creating a career. Schmidt goes on to lay out a plan to help further your career.

Here's how to apply their strategy:

-Think about your ideal job, and write a description for it. What does the job entail? What kind of organization is it for? How much do you want to make?
-Write down the personal strengths and weakness that could help or hurt your chances of getting that ideal job. Get external input from friends, family or people in your network.
-Invest in developing those skills or gaining the experience you need to get that job.

Do you ever get stuck in the short-term? Best ways to overcome this?

Google's Eric Schmidts Plan

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Apr 11, 2017