Should companies add executive type committee for people under 30

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A lot of large corporations struggle to innovate, enact change quickly, and perform efficiently.

I think if companies added a committee of employees who are under 30 to work with the executive committee to achieve some of the fore mentioned struggles, companies would grow and expand better.

Individuals under 30 usually have unique ideas on disrupting the system, innovating into new markets or products they may be more familiar with. Also, they could help provide better ideas for strong working conditions that would keep strong talent in the company.

Many large traditional companies are too "old" and static in my opinion. I think by giving greater voice to the younger employees they could grow and further than business quickly.


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Oct 2, 2018

This isn't a novel concept - a lot of PE funds are already doing this. Specifically, using their board seats or committee seats to put some of their early to mid 30s deal runners in c suite or exec. comm. roles. Kraft Heinz has a 30 something (29 when he started) year old CFO. EIG has put numerous 30 somethings into portfolio companies. Blackstone has done similar.

I don't disagree with it - plus tremendous opportunity for the guys afforded the opp. Can literally propel your career into a whole other domain from a move like that.

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Oct 2, 2018

I'll echo what you said - this is being done but it's not a blanket policy. @hockey34, as you may be a stellar candidate for one of these positions, for every all-star there are countless duds.

Younger employees can be an excellent source of ideas, particularly when they are learning processes that their veteran coworkers have been engrained with. Their fresh eyes can pick out redundancies and needless paper jams. Conversely, trying to label every step of a process a problem is a quick way to annoy your coworkers.

In the end, while it's rare to become a CFO of a F500 company in your twenties (ie: Heinz), you can have a meaningful impact in your day-to-day if you strive for continuous improvement.

Oct 2, 2018
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