Should I must graduate Ivy Leagues to work at Wall Street?

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Hello. This is se yeon who come from South Korea.
I'm 17 years old. I really want to work at Wall Street. So I make some goals. My goal is like thoese things. First, I will graduate Seoul National University or Yonsei University-the department of Economics.
Second, get certified which related to financial services.
Third, participate various programs and internship programs. Fourth, prepare to work at Wall Street.
Are there any problems? Please let me know little problem!!!
I really want to work at Wall Street desperately!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know they target Ivy League students. But it is difficult to graduate America school:(
As Korean, what is probability that I can work at Wall Street with korea University graduation?
What can I do to work at Wall Street?
Please help me. You have to help me.
Please contact and help me!

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May 7, 2018