Silicon Valley / IBD Recruiting Questions

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1/ I see many bankers/consultants move into top tech firms after a few years (teams such as Business Operations, Sales Strategy and Operations). If you can get into such a team post-graduation, and this is your long term goal anyway, is it worth going in directly? Or is it *always* better to start out in banking/M&A after graduation then lateral in later on?

2/ Is there more mobility to move around internationally once in a firm like Google/Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn and 'up' if you are good? Or does it just depend on whether there is a vacancy or not? For banking there is a 'set' process (analyst --> associate etc) but I'm just wondering if its the same for tech firms.

3/ If you wanted to work at, for example Google Capital, and were in an analytical role at Google already (and then completed a relevant MBA/traded your own stocks etc), do you have a decent shot for recruiting there? Or would they prefer hiring bankers/consultants only? (I ask because I've seen mostly bankers/consultants get through but recently saw a couple of people who worked in other teams move in with no prior banking/consulting/engineering experience so was not sure).

4/ Does anyone know if there is a similar website to WSO but for tech firms e.g. Google/Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn? I'm looking for more info on their business-side roles rather than engineering roles.

Note: not trying to turn this into a IBD vs tech discussion - just curious for some insights into the advantages/disadvantages of starting off in tech directly vs IBD/M&A.

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May 31, 2014

Interested as well.

Aug 27, 2015

Know the email format for google capital?

Aug 27, 2015

Know the email format for google capital?

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