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I am an international student and was admitted to the SMU MSF program. I was accepted to several other schools but I'd love to live in Dallas after graduation so I am most likely to join the SMU, but yet, I am still deciding. I just want to ask you guys a couple of questions!

Beforehand, here is my information
F-1 student in public ivy undergraduate school majoring in Economics
CFA lv.1 candidate in June 2019
GMAT - 710
Internships - Two administrative interns from the non-finance related industry.

And the questions are,
1. SMU MSF is a STEM major that can help international students in terms of employment. However, with my non-finance internship experiences, will going to SMU be worth the tuition?

  1. The good thing about SMU is that I can have internships during the school year. Companies come to SMU to recruit, but I don't have their placement information for F-1 students. Do you guys think I can find internship opportunities for Fall 2019 or Spring 2020?

  2. I am interested in valuation services in general. What are some TAS or valuations services firms in the Dallas area that can possibly offer sponsorship for international students?

  3. Is MSBA better than MSF for international students in terms of employment?

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Apr 6, 2019 - 6:28pm

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