Social experiences as a single adult that come close to rivaling college life.

When I say social life, I mean social life UNRELATED to dating. I mean like friendships, making new friends, and having fun social experiences with a group of people in a similar situation as you. Again, this is completely unrelated to dating so please save all stories around women, dating, and sex for another thread, this is unrelated to that. Pay attention to bold.

I also said single adult so this means no kids or wife or anything.

College is hyped up, in terms of social life, as being the "best 4 years of your life". You are around people away from home for the first time, looking to have fun, around the same age as you, and you are living in the same vicinity as them. Then you get olde

No doubt, tough to rival!

Here are some things I find can come close to it after experiencing it a bit myself and talking to other members on this site about it, add to the list if you guys like.

  1. Traveling in large tour groups to fun countries, ideally ones that have somewhat of a age cut off and are more targeted towards single people than couples, but there is always an odd couple or two that come.
  2. Working in a really fun industry where partying happens a lot and the crowd is geared towards fun, partying, and not settling down. Music, film, and nightlife are all great examples of these industries.
  3. Moving to a young and really trendy area of a major city where everyone fresh out of college in their 20s moves to. I hear Williamsburg in Brooklyn is kind of famous for this but other areas might also fit the bill. The issue is that everyone here just sticks with their college crews and never ventures out.
  4. Cross your fingers and hope society becomes slower to mature and cities become packed with 20 and 30 somethings partying and socializing like college kids without wanting to settle down.