Start on the buyside? please evaluate this graduate program (allianz global investor)

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what do you guys think of it? Good for the first years pre MBA experience?

I think that I would enjoy working in Asset Management in the long run but I do not really know where to start. Start of at a buyside firm or try to work on sell-side first?

I read all the time in this forum that people try to move to the buyside after working for sell side.
I know that this is true for IB to PE etc. but it seems that it is also recommended for AM.

In Europe however, Germany in my case, it is way easier to start in a asste management graduate program e.g. DWS (DB) or the one I mentioned above than to start in e.g. ER and then move to some fund.

It would therefore be great to have someone with some experience evaluate the above program.
Does it really matter where (company) you get your first experience (pre MBA)if your goal is to move towards other AM or HF later on? or is any buyside firm a good place to start?

All Europe

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