Started in November, bonuses paid March 1 - should i get a bonus?

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Started with my current company in November. Our bonuses just got paid in the March 1st cycle. I didn't receive a bonus. Should I be okay with this?

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Comments (4)

Feb 28, 2019

Not getting a bonus doesn't sound unreasonable to me. It sounds like it's probably payment for the previous year, which you weren't really there for. When I was in asset management, my firm didn't pay unless you were there substantially most of the year (and thus contributed to returns, etc). I think stub period bonuses are more common in other areas (private equity, investment banking).

Mar 2, 2019

The timing and frequency of bonuses, and especially whether you would receive a stub bonus, should have been clarified up front. Normally in this type of situation where you're working 4-5 months of a semiannual bonus period you would receive a stub bonus. It sounds like you didn't ask about that, and they didn't pay one, so I would chalk it up to a lesson learned.

Mar 5, 2019

Assuming you started beg of November, you should have gotten a prorated 2 month bonus. It's worth asking your direct supervisor what happened. He may or may not do anything about it, or may or may not remember it for next year's bonus, but worth checking in respectfully.

Mar 5, 2019