starting a finance relevant major junior year?

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rising sophomore at a semi-target majoring in political science and economics.

have completed 5/8 classes for the political science major (summer classes and ap credit)

have completed 2/8 classes for the economics major

I was thinking of just finishing the poli sci major in my sophomore year and then focusing on the Econ major.

poli sci would get me a higher gpa for recruiting purposes (at end of sophomore spring) than if I took on the Econ classes rn because the core classes are notoriously hard at my school. and I'm naturally good at poli sci.

then after I'm recruited, I just take two Econ classes per semester for junior fall -> senior fall, which means I can still comfortably finish the major while taking the gpa hit after the recruiting is over

is this a solid idea? just worried if I put Econ major on my resume (with poli sci too) while only having took 2 classes when interviewing that it would look sus


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Aug 2, 2020

your overthinking it. Never asked how many classes I've taken in each of my majors. just don't indicate how many Econ courses you've taken and be honest if asked

Aug 2, 2020

So in regards to the relevant coursework section:
1. is this even necessary? can I omit or keep? keeping means I'll only have about four relevant classes: math, stats, 2 Econ's
2. can I add online classes I took e.g. training the street

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Aug 2, 2020

I personally did not put it on and received offers. Maybe other people have different opinions but for me I just never thought it was necessary, the courses I had taken by the time I started recruiting were not anything special. I personally am an Econ major with Accounting double major. The only Econ classes I had taken by recruiting were macro, micro, stats for econ, and international econ. Clearly nothing to really write home about.

Aug 4, 2020

hm so I'm lucky to have had 3 finance internships thus far so I'm going to omit the section for detailed bullets

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Aug 4, 2020