Startup/technology strategy or Private Equity Fund of Funds for H/S/W?

Apologies if you frequent the PE forum - I posted a similar thread a few weeks ago, but this time the question has a very different angle to it

I'm currently in my second year at a second tier strategy consulting firm (think OW/Booz/LEK). I previously studied engineering and my plan had been to do consulting for a couple of years and then transition into strategy/corporate development or product management at a technology firm. My long term goal is to get into VC (I think).

I was recently made an offer by a top BB (think GS/MS) for a role with their "Fund of Funds" team, which is to be 50% primaries (investing in fund managers) and 50% coinvestments (investing directly in companies).

I've thought about the issue in detail and I feel that the BB opportunity is taking me further away from technology. However, the one thing which is currently holding me back is the impact that the BB may have for MBA applications. A friend of mine is suggesting that having the top BB on my CV would help a lot when applying for an MBA to H/S/W (which is something that I want to do in 2 years or so). He reckons that the particular group that I'm with/what I'm actually doing at the BB wouldn't matter too much - just having the name on my CV would matter a great deal on an MBA application.

Is there any validity to his points? Effectively I'm comparing 1.5yrs of 2nd tier strat consulting followed by startup/tech strategy job of some sort vs. 1.5yrs of 2nd tier strat consulting followed by FoF/coinvestment role at a top BB.. How would the two compare for MBA placement?

Any advice appreciated (this offer is going to explode very soon!)

Thanks in advance!

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Jul 25, 2014

How would a top BB hinder you from getting into VC?

I would be more worried about your GPA and GMAT than I would about your work experience.

Jul 25, 2014


I would personally pick the BB opportunity because like you said it will look much better on your application for business schools. If you already know for sure you are only going to be at the BB for a few years then it would be a good idea just to get that name on your resume and then do whatever you want after business school.

(Disclaimer: I am a senior in college still, doing PE internship now. My advice could be meaningless)

Jul 25, 2014