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I am using a separate account to stay anonymous.

Anyway, here is a little bit of general background: I have been working since graduation for a unitranche/mezzanine fund with a separate mandate for leveraged loans in Europe. I have been doing very well here and am looking to be the youngest one ever promoted from A2A. That said, I know that our fundraising is struggling a little bit and it will be a major problem in a few years. I also don't like my team and how they approach investments (we are essentially a glorified IB). So I am looking elsewhere.
I was approached about an opportunity by a startup hedge fund which focuses on credit opportunities (anything from high yield to stressed/distressed) and private debt. My question is, how do I decide if it is for me?

-Team with very strong, diversified backgrounds
-Got some serious seed capital from well recognized LPs
-Small team and chance to grow as they are growing rapidly

-Only recently launched

What questions should I be asking myself and how do I make a decision if this is for me?

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May 23, 2017

And just to follow up, what compensation scheme should I expect? I currently get carry at my fund.

May 23, 2017