Summer Interns offers London: Barclays S&T vs Lazard IB. What is best for exit opps towards hedge funds?

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Hey! I have two summer offers in London. The Lazard's odder is a mixture of M&A and restructuring (prominent distressed HF exit?) while the Barclays' offer is two rotations in two desks. The matching process for the desks is quite mysterious, you get to express preferences and so do the desks based on your CV and then HR does the matching. My long term goal is to become a PM at a hedge fund and so I would like to join a HF as an analyst after 2-6 years at a major bank. Assuming I succeed in getting a full time offer, which one of these two offers me the best shot at exiting into a hedge fund. I am ineterested in all sorts of HF strategies (excluding quants) so do not base your answer on that, just base your answer on the probability of leaving for a hedge fund within 2-6 years. Oh yeah one more thing, assuming that I do not succeed in exiting for a hedge fund, how do you think the comp at Barclays S&T compares with that of Lazard IBD? Thank you very much in advance

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Mar 1, 2019

Well you should be interested in some strategies before thinking the HF world is for you. Macro is different from l/s investing.
Both are great places, I'd say Laz IBD carries a better name but would you actually like it and it will give you opps into Credit/Distressed/Equities.

Mar 1, 2019

I would take the Laz offer. If you do not succeed in securing a HF gig after your 2 years at the bank, there are better exit opps from IBD than S&T down the road. I am biased though, as I lateraled from a similar S&T rotation to do M&A.

Mar 1, 2019

Laz IBD places pretty well for some funds, depending on what you specifically want to do. Most of the analysts that leave tend to go to PE though.

They also have a strong training program that will help you get to the buyside.

Mar 1, 2019