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hey guys, just wanted to give you the heads up about a new program we've launched in partnership with The Analyst Exchange as an option for the summer.

The Analyst Advantage Summer Internship and Training Program

Summer 2009: 7/6/09 - 8/21/09

The Analyst Advantage Program couples the Analyst Exchange's premier financial modeling training program with a world-class internship to best prepare a candidate for a full-time position in finance. What the summer program offers:

  1. Three-week intensive finance training program covering accounting, consolidated financial statements modeling, mergers and acquisitions modeling, leveraged buyouts and valuation. Through teaching the concepts, applying real-world examples, and building a relevant model, the trainee will gain the skills necessary to become a successful analyst.

* Each candidate then builds a case study, which will be presented to a team of reviewers as an investment banking executive would to a client. Additional scenarios are modeled to give the trainee more practice.

* Each week industry professionals as guest speakers will address the current market perspective.

* The experience will be enhanced with trips to the New York Stock Exchange, an Investment Bank trading floor, and a dinner cruise around the Statue of Liberty and the famous New York skyline.

* Courses taught by seasoned Wall Street professionals

* Trainers have had "big five" firm experience and instruct not from an academic perspective, but as if the trainee is the analyst on the job.

  1. Guaranteed four-week internship at a premier private equity or venture capital fund is offered to each candidate after the training program. Here the skills taught will be honed as they work on real-world business transactions. Before purchasing the program each candidate that makes it to the final round will be matched up with a firm before deciding to proceed.

In order to apply for this program please send your resume to [email protected] and a representative will contact you.

The total cost for the training and the internship placement is $4,995.

Current internships being offered:

We currently have 10 intern spots available. We are expecting to have 20 - 25 for this summer. A sample of the participating firms so far are below.

Private Equity Firm One ("PE") was founded in 1991 and is a $2.7 billion alternative investment group that manages a diverse set of investment vehicles focused on emerging markets across the world. The partners have a century of collective experience and as a group have invested in 200+
companies across 29 countries. PE's investment vehicles provide the group and its investors with a diversified portfolio of asset classes that span the global private investing spectrum. Each investment vehicle has a different degree of operational control, risk-adjusted return and liquidity profile. Our family of funds and investment vehicles provide PE and its partners with exposure to: Small-Mid Cap Management Buyouts, Private Investments in Public Equities (PIPEs) and select venture investments.

Hedge Fund One ("HF") manages an investment fund that specializes in the Healthcare & Life Sciences sector. The fund uses several investment styles including long/short equities, options, and trading to provide superior annual returns. The fund boasted a positive +22% return for 2008 during one of the most volatile financial crisis in history versus the Dow which ended the year down by more than a third, the S&P 500 down almost -40%, and the Nasdaq down about -41.5%. Our world class portfolio management team combines strong fundamental investment analysis with superior trading capability. HF places strong emphasis on both fundamental investment analysis and trading. This enables us to identify companies with superior long-term growth prospects while maintain the flexibility to profit from short-term market fluctuations.