Switching Industries on the buy-side

Hey guys,

Love some opinion on this. I am mid-level (5-year into career) after 3-years of sell-side research on #1 II ranked team am now over on the buyside at a very top multi-strat relative value firm. Small team, huge risk limits, great returns and I contribute a ton. Been covering the same indsutry (which I am not a fan of and don't want to do long term but is objectively interesting) and want to switch over to macro or a generalist role. How easy will this be?

Career thoughts was Industry X has a lot going on, great place to learn, and then buy-side switch in same industry to a top team and shop would help me learn about taking/managing risk. Now I want to switch over to where I want to be in the long run and am finding myself pigeon-holed in the industry (initial phases).

In addition to day job I have a small macro hedge fund I run myself with a few friends. Mostly fundamental positions and wtih some developing systematic portions. 3-year audited track record, $1mm AUM, avg. 8% return, no down years. Auditied track record (PWC). I also built and sold a tech start-up (7-figure exit) in the food and beverage space with some colleagues in my spare time back when I was on the sell side. Also am two-years into a masters in AI from a top 10 school (part-time). Undergrad was horrible GPA at top-10 school doing econ and engineering. Bad GPA was due to too-much trading and champion sports team. Have CFA and FRM.

Goal is to move to a quant/systematic macro fund, generalist systematic/quant equity fund, tech L/S, or generalist equity fund to build career and real wealth over next 5-10 years. Some interest in value-focused PE but am concerned lack of transaction experience would be an issue.

Any thoughts on this?

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Jul 19, 2018