Taking IQ test to determine IB eligibility?

As I'm starting to pursue finance, I have to choose which industry to go into. While I'd love to go into IB, as you all know it is very competitive with rough working conditions. My thinking is that smarter individuals will be more efficient in their work, thus negating some of the stress of IB (by having more free time). While I realize IQ tests are known to be inaccurate, I would assume it is still a good indicator of a person's intelligence and thus their ability to get things done quickly. I'm not saying low iq individuals can't make it in banking, but I'm saying that those individuals would struggle with the hours much more once in banking compared to someone smarter. Would appreciate some opinions, and be corrected on my thinking if its wrong.

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Jun 5, 2021 - 4:47pm

As long as you are above 110 you should be fine and should succeed this is lower than the average college graduate. IB is not really that hard on the brain's intelligence. You do not really solve complex problems like an engineer. You are a monkey in your early years and a glorified salesman in the later years. What makes IB hard is the grit and ability to be disciplined enough to get all your work done.

IQ is almost irrelevant in society unless you are below 85 or above 130. Then you have mental/learning disabilities and genius on the respective ends of the spectrum.

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Jun 5, 2021 - 5:31pm

My thinking is that higher IQ individuals will work more efficiently. Some people in IB work less hours than others in their group thanks to their intelligence, which makes banking bearable. I don't want to end up working the most out of anyone in my group because I'm slower than them, and end up wasting my life doing nothing but IB during my time in the industry.

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