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I know this topic has been discussed before, so excuse me if it annoys anyone.

But I just wanted to get your take on the business schools that I can realistic get into. After college at a "target" school, I have split 3 years working at a boutique bank and a Big 4 accounting firm. My GPA is 3.5+ and GMAT is 700+ (assume at the low end for both for the sake of discussion). I also plan to volunteer time at nonprofits over the next couple of years. Assuming I write decent essays, what schools do I have a good shot at?

Thanks in advance for the responses.

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May 30, 2008 - 7:14am

It makes a little difference whether BIg4 was first or second. If first, it is better. If second, the Q arises why did you give up banking and move to a less selective area.

If you have great ECs and stellar stories, your profile would fit to M7 i think, minus HBS and Stanford. If your execute well, Wharton might be possible.

You need to realize that many ppl will have a similar profile so you will need to differantiate through stories very well!

Good luck

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