Target schools for Consulting

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I was wondering what the target and semi-target schools for consulting firms (MBB preferably) were.

Are they generally the same as the target schools for IB jobs? I tried searching but didn't find anything specific for consulting.

I'm interested in knowing how recruiting is at liberal arts colleges. Do MBB recruit at Amherst?

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Aug 26, 2012

Looks like only Bain does on campus stuff at Amherst among MBB: (search for Amherst on the McK website and it leads you to this)

The first post on this is a really great summary of what you can find on the MBB websites for whether an individual school is a target. The other commenters are ridiculous.

Aug 26, 2012

just go to any school where there are people rejected from finance


Aug 26, 2012

Thanks. I came across the College Confidential link but I wasn't sure how accurate that was, so I wanted to double check here.

Aug 26, 2012

BCG and Bain do on campus recruiting Indiana University. Ch'yeaaaa!

Aug 26, 2012