The 10 ways to know your boss likes you

The following are 10 giveaways that you are in good standing at the firm:

    1. 1. Your boss doesn't clock you in and out: If you are performing very well, you will eventually notice that your boss doesn't care as much if you show up a bit late, leave a bit early or take a longer lunch.
      2. Your boss begins to share family stories with you: If your boss starts telling you details about his personal life then he trusts you and expects that you will "stick around" in the company. That's why he feels it's worthwhile to tell you this stuff.
      3. Your boss asks you if you want to grab a coffee or lunch with him: You know you are in good standing if your boss offers to grab a bite to eat, or head down to buy a coffee together. This is in sharp contrast to a boss which gives you 10 bucks and tells you go bring him a lunch – that indicates he thinks you are just an admin boy.
      4. Your boss asks your opinion: If your boss asks you for your opinion on a file, it shows that he values your input and respects your point of view. Of course, some bosses ask questions simply to test you. But in those cases, the question tends to be more pointed and adversarial.
      5. Your boss genuinely inquires about your career plans: If he's asking you where you want to be within the company in five years, chances are he sees you as someone who is performing and as someone who will get to stick around in the organization.
      6. You get invited to office functions and client meetings: This one is critical. If he is taking you on client meetings then he trusts you and knows you won't embarrass him. Also, clients like to see consistency at a firm. If too many people are leaving or getting fired that sends a negative message to the client. By showing your face to the client, your boss is saying that you are part of the organization and are here to stay.
      7. The boss tells you secrets about others in the organization: If your boss tells you that others aren't performing, or that he doesn't like certain people at the company, chances are he likes you and feels comfortable sharing that info with you.
      8. Your boss allows you to leave early to run an errand without requiring that you use up a vacation day or that you make up the time: This clue implies that your boss values your contribution, and that the least of his problems is whether you clock in for the full business day.
      9. Your boss trusts your work without checking it over: The less critical he is about checking your numbers, the more comfortable he is with your capabilities and performance.
      10. He listens: One thing you'll notice is that older, more successful people don't necessarily talk to you as an equal. They might interrupt you mid-sentence if they don't think your comments are adding value. A boss who respects you will act like he's having a conversion with an equal. Sometimes this is less a function of you and more a function of his attitude and upbringing. But I guarantee you one thing: he doesn't interrupt clients or the CEO.
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