Thoughts on stats major and double minor in econs and cs

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Currently first year major in stats. Initially wanted to do a double major in cs as well but thought better of it in the end, because the workload is really too heavy. I then decided to do a double major in econs, but seems like econs at an undergrad level is very similar to stats and would not be very helpful (please correct me if I'm wrong). Hence, I'm thinking of getting the best of both worlds and doing a single major of stats and double minoring in econs and cs.
I'm just going to clarify beforehand before the question of "what do you want to do in the future comes up". I'm really interested about big data and finance, which is why I feel like these 3 subjects are so relevant. I'm not just taking for the sake of taking it.

So any advice would be appreciated. For instance, do minors really matter? Some people say it doesn't, others say minors in rigorous subjects such as CS does. Or should I just drop the econs minor instead?

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Feb 6, 2018

That is a great combination, which should give you a strong and versatile technical base. Undergrad econ is actually fairly different from stats, with econometrics being the obvious overlap point, and a minor will help with confirming/signalling interest in finance-related careers.

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Feb 6, 2018

Agree that this combination gives a great signal of your interests/skills to potential employers where you're looking to go.
Depending on how your school structures an econ minor, you may want to make sure you get some finance concentration into your electives. I know it would have been possible at my school to do an econ minor without ever getting beyond economic theory into more practical concepts like investments/markets and corporate finance. Getting some exposure to these fields will help your econ minor "matter," as you put it.

Feb 6, 2018