Let's rank the top 10 business schools (with an IB/Private Equity focus + Prestige on the Street - not necessarily based on US News and the World rankings)

  1. Harvard
  2. Stanford
  3. Wharton
  4. MIT
  5. Chicago
  6. Columbia
  7. Northwestern
  8. Tuck
  9. Stern
  10. Michigan

What do you think?

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harv, stan, whar are a tie
mit,chic,col are a tie for 2nd
nw,tuck are tie 3
corn, yale are tie 4


Dan, I hate to bash your alma mater, but Yale b-school is not the #9 MBA program in the nation.

As far as the OP: Pretty good list, the important thing is that you realize most published MBA rankings are a fucking joke.

It looks like you got the top 10 right, and I'm not gonna quarrel what order any of them should be in (HWS, though, are always in the top 3). Other decent/okay b-schools are Haas, UCLA, Darden, Cornell.


Like Zala said "rankings are a fucking joke."

I could find you schools that are not even well ranked (by USNEWS) like Washington U, Georgetown U, Vanderbilt U, Emory U, and Notre Dame that put a lot of people into the IB/Consulting stage.


STern should be in top 5 given the number of offers its graduating class gets - esp in BBs


HBS & Stanford GSB will present you with opportunites that no other school can. That being said, Wharton is a popular third. You can't go wrong with any of those other top few, but after that, you're wasting your time. You're kidding yourself if you believe a Wash U or Georgetown MBA is going to stack up to the others in terms of the opportunities.


Outside of US;
London Business School and INSEAD are also considerd quite good. Aren't they?


I think you'll find the Wall Street Journal rankings quite surprising:



Isn't Yale very non-profit Co oriented? I have heard that Corp. Finance isn't even on the Yale radar.


Corp Finance is on the radar - Yale SOM revamping image, 40% of grads in last class went into Finance.


sea_ennui: this is exactly what i was talking about. most published MBA rankings, especially the WSJ's, are shit.

zala rules:

sea_ennui: this is exactly what i was talking about. most published MBA rankings, especially the WSJ's, are shit.

Which ranking do you think is the most accurate? Most people seem to think US News.


Which ranking do you think is the most accurate? Most people seem to think US News.

I don't want to quibble over who belongs exactly in which spot, but it looks like they got the top 3 right and they diddn't put anyone in the top 10 that doesn't belong there. THat's more than a lot of the other dumbass magazines can say.


I think WSJ's rankings suck.

Harvard should definately be among the top 5. Whereas, they didn't even put it in top 10.


Does anyone know whether or not a MSc in Accounting and Finance from LSE would hold as much clout as some of the big name MBA's?


probably not...aren't MSc 1 year programs?


sea_ennui didn't even post the latest rankings. They aren't much different but,

2006 Rank 2005 Rank Business School
1 2 University of Michigan (Ross)
2 1 Dartmouth College (Tuck)
3 3 Carnegie Mellon University (Tepper)
4 8 Columbia University
5 7 University of California, Berkeley (Haas)
6 4 Northwestern University (Kellogg)
7 6 University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)
8 9 University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (Kenan-Flagler)
9 5 Yale University
10 12 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan)
11 13 University of Chicago
12 17 Duke University (Fuqua)
13 11 University of Virginia (Darden)
14 14 Harvard University
15 10 University of Southern California (Marshall)
16 18 Cornell University (S.C. Johnson)
17 16 New York University (Stern)
18 15 Stanford University
19 19 University of California, Los Angeles


How do recruiters see Canadian schools like Rotman (Toronto), Ivy (Western), Schulich (York), Queens, UBC and McGill?


Just to weigh in on cdn schools, the major difference between u.s. and canada is that business undergrad programs are wildly popular in canada and these schools focus a lot of their attention on their undergrad programs.

The only school that gets BB U.S. firms recruiting for jobs on wall street is Ivey (Western). And that is mainly for the undergrad program - not the mba program.

Consulting is a different story but for IB, they're only good if you want to work in canada.


these are legit.


Seem to fit with what most people think


Yeah, FT rankings look realistic to me too.


Yeah, FT rankings look realistic to me too.


Agreed. As long as you realize that the rankings from US NEWS & WR are not a finality.


I thought Anderson (UCLA) would be higher... That's a really good program.


I went to Stanford as an undergrad. The GSB absolutely was flooded with all top firms. I don't see how a recruiter survey could rank it out of the top 10, they are all there.


Well just because recruiters go to the uni to do info sessions doesn't mean a large number of the graduates/undergraduates actually land jobs there...LOL..

Granted Stanford's absence is a bit of head scratcher...


Fit is most important, I think. Go where you feel you can enjoy your location, the other B-school students, and other aspects of your next two years of study. Rankings are not the only think to consider.


Are there any notable schools in the south or west that appeal to the banking industry.


That being said, if you want to do banking, I would not go to those schools first. They recruit there to a degree, but not like they do the Northeast Corridor.

There's a probably a few others, that some banks go to, but I would not recommend this as the primary option.


8 schools were part of the recent London Banking Days interviews. Tuck was not one of them.


can anyone go indepth in a review of CMU's Tepper School of Business? it seems like it's ranked very hilgy in some rankings and much much lower in others. I know some of our programs are ranked very highly (several in the top 10) can any recruiters give me some insight on Tepper?


You can't label one school as being the route to sucess. If you go to any of the top 20 schools, work hard and make morally correct decisions I am pretty sure you'll be able to retire comfortably well before 98% of the people who shape the person you are now, considering this is a group in their early to late 20's at best for the majority.

Oh and if you associate success soley with net worth, I pity you... I'm not going to preach but good looks and money don't alone bring self-worth or personal satisfaction. Your youth, will forever have an impact on your life as much as you might want to seperate youself from it or not.


Where do you folks figure Cornell's program ranks?


for banking

somewhere ahead of duke, darden, and yale

but below tuck, stern, and columbia


Don't go to business school just for the rank; choose the one fit your personality


picking the right bschool is just like picking the right college, cept there's a smaller selection...but in the end, you still want to make sure the school you choose suits your interests and personality...there may be certain schools to attend if you want the best statistical chances of getting into a specific field, but everyone has their own path, so don't get too caught up in the rankings....the other problem is the rankings jump around quite a bit year to year anyways, since a school is only as good as their most recent publications and class of graduates...

that said, the best ranking to go by is probably some combo of all the publications' rankings, w/ the exception of the WSJ cuz i think that's absolute bs...i won't say other publications' methodologies are any better, and i'm sure each publication sees the most merit in their particular method, but i have never heard of tepper and kenan-flagler mentioned in the same breath as the top tier bschools until i saw the WSJ rankings...

if u want a quick rundown of how the different publications rank the schools you're interested in, just check out wikipedia...they list the businessweek, economist, FT, forbes, USA today, US news and WSJ rankings...


WSJ rankings are often done without school particpation, making them less valuable than, say, BW or FT rankings. A shame, given the stellar newspaper they are released from.

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its all harvard/stanford
then penn
then columbia/chicago/nw IMHO
but its really harvard/stanford or bust


its all harvard/stanford
then penn
then columbia/chicago/nw IMHO
but its really harvard/stanford or bust

this is one of the most retarded things I've seen on this board and that's saying quite a bit.

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