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I have an interview with a HF with over $10 billion assets under management for a trade operations internship position. I don't really know much about the position other than what I've read online, like the vault guides ( ).

Would this position be any different than IB Operations? I hadn't considered applying to operations before but this opportunity just came up and I find the success and quality of the HF to be very attractive.

Although I'm an upper junior, I still have two years of college left because I will be transferring next fall and there is a two year residency requirement. Is this the type of internship that would play a big role in helping me land a front office internship next year?

My other option is to stick with my current firm (hedge fund 3rd party marketer) and study abroad at LSE for 3 weeks this summer.

Lastly, does any one have advice about the interview for trade operations? From what I remember about IB operation discussions, they said it is usually very fit oriented and not too technical. How much market talk should I be expecting? I realize this depends on the firm, but I still appreciate your input.

Thank you

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Jun 11, 2007