Traffic could become a thing of the past

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Whenever I'm on the road, the one thing I absolutely hate to encounter is traffic. It looks like not only is Elon Musk planning to go to Mars and improve green energy, but now he wants to solve traffic as well. Elon's new company *The Boring Company* recently came out to explain what the use of their tunnel machine is for.

The article states that;

Musk's vision includes parking spots that are actually elevator shaft entrances, where drivers can pull in and descend to the network below. Once underground, the car will travel along in a sled, merging with other tunnels and being integrated seamlessly into a network that includes other packets, all controlled by computer for maximum efficiency.

Unfortunately before you get your hopes up too high, the article reports that;

Musk said on stage at the event that he only really spends about two to three percent of his time on The Boring Company, which means this vision is still likely a very far-off one in terms of becoming a real thing people can actually use. But if Musk is good at one thing, it's presenting a compelling vision for the future - and sometimes, he makes that vision a reality, too.

Personally, I am really hoping that this idea comes to fruition, as this could greatly improve big cities traffic issues. Granted it would take a massive overhaul of construction and research on the land, before any real work would be done. It could also be for only the elite, as it would be costly and involve heavy construction.

1. Do you believe this will become a reality?
2. Are you excited for it, and would you use it?
3. How do you think the pricing will work?

Traffic possibly over with

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