Transferring Colleges-- Advice Needed:

You guys will know best out of anyone, and any advice you will provide would be great.

Background Information:

  • I am currently going into the second semester of Junior year. Full Ride to college, commute to school, living with parents.
  • I have 88 credits to my name, 9 of which are from High School dual enrolment. Taking 18 next semester, I am majoring in Finance with a Minor in Data Analytics. 
  • As it stands, I have a 3.46 cumulative GPA, not dumb, just had undiagnosed ADHD, spoke with a doctor over break, and am getting treatment now.
  • The college is super non-target and has a 40% graduation rate and an 85% acceptance rate. Only placement in a big bank is as a relationship banker. 

I am looking to transfer schools for professional opportunities, culture, academics, and social settings. But, most importantly of all, get into IB

I know it is late to transfer, but what is my exit opportunities looking like, if any? The goal is not to transfer to a better school for one year and grab a degree. Instead, I would want to do the two years. 

I am looking to transfer like my life depends on it. 

What do you think are my best options for transferring to a school that will allow me to break into IB if I work for it?

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Jan 11, 2022 - 10:34am

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