Transferring into a Target School/What to expect and how to prepare.

This December, I will finish community college and transfer as a junior wherever I am accepted in the fall of 2022. I currently have a 3.91 GPA and would like to go into the investment banking industry. I have gotten A's in all my math courses and business courses. Is there anyone here that has graduated from community college and has gotten into a target school? I have a lot of o leadership roles in and out of school, and I am in the military. I would like to transfer to Penn, NYU, George Town, etc., to have the best shot possible of working somewhere such as Goldman Sachs or any of the top 5 leading firms. Are there possibilities for me at these prestigious schools? What is your success story? If so, what do you recommend I should do to prepare myself for university-level courses and get accepted in general? Now that I am finishing community college, I am also a little nervous about moving out of state and being so far away from home. But I know networking and recruiting are everything. It's crazy to think I can even apply to one of these schools and see how far I've gotten, even if it's just community college. 

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Nov 7, 2021 - 5:51pm

First off congrats for the good work, but its not over yet. You seem like a great candidate already from the info you gave, plus being in the military helps immensely in applications. I have no doubts you'll land at a top school.

As far as prepping, start outlining you're essays and how you fit for that school, and program. This is crucial, also start curating your story for your personal statement. Essays is what it all comes down to in admissions. Everyone looks the same on paper but the essays you write will be the deciding factor.

I was in your position in 2019. Transferred into Cornell AEM from a CC as a Junior. Feel free to PM and I can help you out the best I can.

Also its gonna be an uncomfortable road, but when your sitting in the class room at prestigious university, it will all makes sense.

Note: If you're looking to break into banking, do yourself a favor and GET AN INTERNSHIP FOR THE SUMMER BEFORE YOU TRANSFER. Doesn't matter what it is as long as its finance/accounting/ business related. My biggest downfall was not having any internship experience on my resume when I started recruiting for SA roles so it was an uphill battle the whole way. 

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Nov 8, 2021 - 10:24pm

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