Trying to make a jump from Big4 M&A/TS Tax to IB/PE

Hey guys

I'll keep this as concise as possible. As the title says, I've been working at a Big 4's M&A/TS tax practice for almost for 3 years.

Given the nature of my job, I get to work with plenty of big names in the PE industry for fund structuring, economic substance reviews, etc style jobs. For deals, I've been involved in the due diligence, modelling and SPA reviews of some big deals in this region as well.

The idea or moving into IB/PE never struck me until I was approached by a recruiter for a very exciting front office role at GS. Although I didn't make it through the interview because they needed someone with greater structuring (which I didn't have at the time) and modelling experience. The guy who was interviewing me himself had a similar background as me.

And very recently I've been approached by two recruiters for PE front office roles as well... All of this has really given me the itch to take action and strategise how I can make a successful jump into PE. I am taking online courses for Modelling, deal flow, etc to work on my technicals.

To give you all a little more background, I graduated from what's considered an elite university here and I've almost completed my CPA. I'm quite active on LinkedIn and that's where the recruiters have contacted me.

Would appreciate any feedback

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Jun 9, 2020 - 10:37pm


I have similar background as you but rather in tax, i work in M&A restructuring in Big 4.

I wish to get into Investment Banking or Private Equity also.

You are much luckier than me.

I have got contact by GS but the back office role.

I active on LinkedIn also but no PE headhunt find me.

I have just apply to blackstone and done the apt test.

Hopefully could get into 2nd round


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