UBC Sauder (BUCS) vs Waterloo DDP (BBA+CS) vs Rotman Commerce

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Hi! I'm an international student, looking to breakthrough in the world of marketing. I've had an interest in CS since I was a kid but stopped pursuing it later on due to my change in extracurriculars. I've shortlisted 3 top business schools in Canada and am super confused on which one to choose.
My ideal job, for now, would be to secure a top marketing position in a top IT firm such as Google, Microsoft, Apple etc

  1. Study in Vancouver, Sauder Business School in UBC. Away from the business cities but I've heard the Marketing program is the best known there, with no reliable sources regarding this information. I've also applied for the BUCS program just to keep the options open.
  2. The financial hub of Canada, downtown Toronto, worldwide recognised business school. I consider Rotman Commerce to be a brand which reflects on your CV. Best location, great for contacts. However, I've heard their undergraduate program is not structured well and the curriculum is more theoretical/academic poor career services.
  3. Waterloo DDP. best in Co-op and best for placements, but doubtful regarding the credibility of Laurier as a business school. Those sure of pursuing CS as their career are best suited for this degree, and also the cheapest of all three. Only if someone could clear my doubts about Laurier.


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May 18, 2018