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Good morning all!

I just came off active duty from the Army and I am now working for a F50 company with a lot of room to laterally transfer and grown in Corporate F&A. This has become my short-term goal.

Background: BBA (AACSB but no name), MBA ( good reputation for part-time and EMBA programs but not M7), 6 years retail and logistics experience prior to Active Duty, 6 years Active Duty mostly in Operations. Currently a Senior SCM in mfg for a F50 company. Great company and job.

I have been recalled to AD for a few years in Germany, and I am wanting to build my credentials a bit while there. I have a few options, and I would love to get opinions. 

1) MS in Business Analytics from Mason at William & Mary

2) Masters of Accounting from Kenan-Flager at UNC

3) Masters of Sustainable Finance from Frankfurt School of Fin & Mgmt

4) MS in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from HEC Paris

All programs allow me complete them online or with minimal campus visits. 

My overall goal is to further my corporate career. I am too old for Wall Street, and would like to capitalize on my previous experience and education which should keep me square in corporate management path, but would not mind opening up consulting options. 

Any decent feedback on what may be an interesting option to open things up and add something to my resume as well as offer unique development for a mid-career business professional?

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Sep 2, 2020 - 8:40pm

HEC is the strongest global b-school on your list. If you're interested in entrepreneurship, it will be a great experience. The HEC network in France/UK is strong, not sure about Germany. 

Duke also has a few programs I suggest you review, esp if you're headed back to the US. 

As for the other schools, W&M isn't known as a b-school. UNC's accounting degree will help you, well, learn accounting. Definitely not as much fun as the HEC degree and may be a bit too basic given your experience (i.e. an MBA already). Also not sure if an accounting masters is applicable for your retail/logistics background. Frankfurt is more of a regional program, not sure how well it would carry outside Germany.  

Sep 5, 2020 - 11:35am

Thank you! 

Another option that was suggested for me was to consider a EMBA from HEC, INSEAD, Mannheim, or IE to open up networks in the EU, ME, and Africa. Would that be something worth considering or would that be superfluous considering that I have a MBA

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