University of Chicago MSFM vs Duke MMS vs McGill Master of Art in Economics - Accepted to 3 programs

Hello everyone,
It is my first post on WSO and would really appreciate your help. I recently got accepted to 3 programs. My first goal would be to work in investment banking anywhere in the world, I am an international student. Quant analyst would be if I would be if I chose U of C. I know there are plenty of programs better for investment banking, but only got accepted to those.

University of Chicago Master of financial Mathematics in Singapore (1.5 years) 60K tuition
If I attend this program, I would like to be a Quant in Singapore. But, I know there are very limited opportunities for the quantitative area in Singapore. My question is if banks would consider my master in financial mathematics, for Investment banking because there are more opportunities in that field. I like that U of Chicago is well recognized worldwide and that it is administered by the prestigious department of mathematics. With the new curriculum, I will be able to take elective course at the Booth School of Business.

Duke Master of Management studies - Fuqua School of Business (10 months) 50 K tuition
I wonder if this program is recognized worldwide and good for investment banking. I like the program is taught by the business school where you can get access to alumni.

McGill University - Master of Art in economics (1 year) 5K tuition
No clue about the program. Would focus getting good grades, try to find IBD job after graduation. Or would work for a year as an economist and apply to Oxford financial economics afterward.

Which program would be better or investment banking? I know master of financial mathematics is on the tangent side of IBD but I am very good in mathematics. I know Singapore prefer good US/UK school over local one and would be good in that aspect. On the other hand, I saw Duke MMS previous class has a rate of 35% that made it to corporate finance, which are good stats. Also, it is possible to break into IBD with a master of economics from a good school?
Thank you guys for your time