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I am an indian and planning to go to Australia for masters in commerce in finance specialization. Got offer letters from UNSW as well as Macquarie university , The cost for unsw is way more than macquarie . confused regarding which university should i choose if i want a career in hedge funds.

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Feb 7, 2019

Recruiting for IB, Macquarie was in a large minority to the extent that I was a single student from the university at career nights/interviews during my bachelor/undergrad.

With that being said, Masters of Applied Finance at MQ is very well respected and I would personally pick it over UNSW and considered it at one point.

But with all of the above, I hope you realise that getting into a HF in Australia out of Masters is close to impossible with no prior experience. If you look at those who broke in, the majority come from top American programs or simply have connections. The usual path would involve several years of IB/ER in any other case.

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Feb 7, 2019

still given the two universities which one should i choose?


Feb 7, 2019

i dont have experience at a hedge fund although i do have records of my own demat account and portfolio in the indian share market . got a return of 21 % in 6 months and i also know how to code and am preparing for cfa level 1. so i wont be able to apply for masters of applied finance as i dont have any relevant experience .


Feb 11, 2019

The HF industry in Australia is very small so as the above comment suggests, it's next to impossible to get in to one straight after uni without any experience.

Prior experience is crucial for getting a grad role in Australia so I'd consider looking into intern programs by the Super Funds and then look into their grad roles in investments. AM is decently sized in Australia because of the super funds so that could be a route to consider.

If you're adamant on HF, the IB or ER route would be best and for that you'd have to go to a uni that is Australia's version of "Ivy League", which is the "Go8 unis" - UNSW is one so you'd take that.

Macquarie's masters in applied finance would be the only thing to consider from there but that requires 2 years previous industry experience.

Feb 17, 2019

but won't the mcom from MQ help me enter into an ib like Macquarie group or in ER?
cause I've been told that recruiters in Australia do not normally look at the universities per se..but at the candidates themselves. UNSW's fees is 2100000 inr (rupees) expensive than MQ


Mar 11, 2019