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Basically an Australian student doing Finance. Based on my GPA, I exceed the eligibility requirements to go on Summer School for some top places. In the US, I have Harvard University in mind. Outside of the US, I'm considering LSE.

Once I graduate and (hopefully) work at a BB, my long-term goal is to transfer / lateral to NY / Chicago. However everybody seems to think LSE would look better on my resume than Harvard. The only rationale behind this is it's more common for Australian students to do a summer program at LSE.

Question: Would attending Summer School at Harvard University provide much in the way of benefit when working in the states / pursuing an MBA? I prefer the Harvard name, but I would have to pay up front ( approx. 8K) which I can afford, but that would leave me high and dry. Where as for LSE, I can get a loan (we call it HECS over here)

Thanks all

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Feb 27, 2018

From my own experience (and from talking to former colleagues in PE who regularly conduct intern interviews and thus scan CVs), summer schools add little credibility to your resume with the exception of perhaps highlighting international experience / interest. In essence anyone can get into a summer program as long as they're willing to pay the fees.

However, I've attended one of the summer schools you mentioned myself and on a personal level it's a great way to widen your network, live abroad for a couple of weeks and explore vibrant cities. For me the real question is thus how much you'd be willing to spend to have this experience.

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Feb 27, 2018

Thanks, SB'd.

Would you mind expanding on the international experience / interest? How does one make the most of SS from a resume perspective.

Feb 27, 2018

In your case, you can swing it in a way so as to highlight your willingness to study / move outside of your comfort zone (Australia). In interviews you could bring it up as an example of the ease at which you're able to adjust to new environments and mingle with peers from different cultures.

A SS should, however, always fall in a lower category than e.g. internships or other finance-related extracurriculars (e.g. leadership roles in Finance/VC/PE clubs)

Feb 27, 2018