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Mar 16, 2017

1) Tons of Nova alumni on the street. Honestly, a couple years about and only douchebags are going to be talking about brand. Who is #1 in the tourney?? Yeah, 'nuff said.

Brand wise it is Gtown>Vandy>Nova. That being said, anyone acting like Vanderbilt is Harvard or some shit should just get a beer poured on their head.

2) Gtown has an in person option. They rolled it out a year after they started their online program because they found students in the online program coming to campus to meet up and basically acting like it was an in person program.

3) Nashville is the shit and their career services are amazing. If you want NYC finance, you will get it from Vanderbilt.

IMO, choose Vanderbilt. Georgetown is great, but they just don't have the career set up and historic placement stats to back it up like Vanderbilt does. You'll do fine from Georgetown, but you will have to put in more work on your own. I personally would chose DC over Nashville, but Nashville is a ton of fun, good airport and might be nice to change it up for 9 months. The program is cheaper also.

BTW - use the fact that you got into all of these programs to extract some cash from the schools. Vanderbilt should be able to offer you some scholarship money to make the choice real easy. Talk to Blake and let him know NYC is your goal and he will work with you.

Mar 16, 2017

Damn TNA, you're a freaking oracle haha. That's kind of my gut feeling but I can't help but worry about the fact it's in Nashville. I mean, why would a NYC recruiter come all the way down to Tennessee just because it's Vanderbilt. Like you said, it's not exactly Harvard.

With Villanova, I also get a sense that I'd be more pigeonholed into MM shops. It's more of a sure shot on NYC, but I see it as kind of a hedge with the lack of BB upside. I can't see any BB's considering someone with 'Nova on their resume, especially next to somebody with Vandy or Gtown on their resume. Is this accurate?

I went to a top 25 undergrad so I feel that the Nova name might be a "step down" in their eyes. Between Gtown and Vandy, is Gtown significantly more prestigious than Vandy or only slightly? It's sure as hell more expensive so I don't know if the ROI will be as great despite it's better name.

Ultimately it just comes down to ROI in my eyes - with a focus on NYC IBD. I guess I can at least rule out CUNY Baruch? haha

Mar 17, 2017

You're from a top 25 undergrad and you still lack independent thinking abilities. Sad. Get a spine

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Mar 21, 2017

I love Nashville. It is the only place I would live where it doesn't get ample snow.

Mar 17, 2017

Go talk to Blake and he will put you at ease. You have banks coming because Vanderbilt is a T25-30 MBA program. They also do MSF trips to NYC. The program does very well and has a shit ton of MSF alumni that can and will help you.

Nashville is a lot of fun. And think of it like this. The only school where getting into Manhattan will be both cheap and easy is Nova. Gtown you are looking at at least $120-$150 bucks, round trip on Amtrak to get to NYC. You can bolt bus it if you want, but it will suck up your whole day.

Look at it like this. You'll probably save $10-20K going to Vanderbilt (maybe more if you extract some cash). Program is about $5-10k cheaper and COL will be lower as well. So take that money and put it towards some Southwest flights to NYC or something.

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May 18, 2017
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