Venture Capital/Consulting - Esade MIE vs Imperial MIM vs LSE MIM

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Hi all,

American student here needing help with some recent Msc. offers. I also have European citizenship fyi.

I got into:
Esade Masters in Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Imperial MiM

Post-grad I'd like to work either in London, Switzerland (I speak fluent german) or the U.S. Right now, I've got two different career paths of interest.

  1. Go into strat consulting for a top 5 firm
  2. Be an Analyst/Associate at a VC firm in Europe or U.S.

Currently I am leaning towards Esade as it is higher ranked on FT's recent rankings, I love Barcelona, and I'm a B2 level Spanish speaker so I'd have the opportunity to really perfect the language. Its also quite a bit cheaper than Imperial and LSE and I am confident that Ill get a scholarship from them. However, I am finding very little info on Esade and its placement at big name firms/consultancies, especially in London.

Any insights?

Thanks a lot!

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Jan 25, 2018

LSE hands down mate

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Jan 24, 2018

Lol Imperial for econ. Solid advice bromigo, you know what you're talking about. Ever even so much as been to London?

Jan 25, 2018

I've gotten a lot of mixed reviews on Imperial and LSE. Some say LSE is trash for Management and Imperial's college of business is actually better. I do realize value of brand name however, and in that case LSE seems stronger.

Do you have any insights on Esade?

Jan 25, 2018


Jan 26, 2018

Bump, any useful comments by any chance lol

Jan 30, 2019

Hey Wolfy123,

I've got the same exact acceptance from the colleges for the same courses that you've mentioned for the 2019 intake.
Could you please shed some light on your final decision and the reason for choosing it?
I've been leaning towards the ESADE course as it seems really interesting.

Thanks a lot!

Feb 8, 2019