Wealth Management but don't want to be an Advisor

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I'm very interested in working in wealth management as an analyst/ associate (working with clients, equity research, analysis) as a job out of a target school, however I do not want to be an Advisor in the long run. Is this a good route to take? What are some other exit ops? Would be very interest in PM or other investment type positions, are these possible out of wealth management?

Any thoughts are extremely helpful!!

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Sep 20, 2014

Yes some are you can always move to product management family office work or potentially moving to a pension fund or the like but you'd want to pick up certifications along the way and maybe get another degree . JP private bank has a good intro program where you can become an investor associate -- wells and some other shops like glenmede and hirtle Callaghan might be good to look at

Sep 20, 2014

Otherwise other analyst roles at PWM shoos are a bit further and farther between

Sep 20, 2014

Thank you shorttheworld! I am thinking about taking the position, but I do not want to be an advisor or do any sales. I like working with clients which is why pwm is my top choice but I would like to move into a management role within the big firm (100B+ AUM). Is this possible without having a "book". Basically, will I ever be able to work my way up without having to do advisor related work?

Oct 1, 2014