West Coast (LA + SF) Investment Banking Exit Opportunities - 2012-2017

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For those interested in better understanding west coast exit ops (LA and SF), please refer to the below. Of note, certain "exits" are for non-returning summer analysts (typically, those are the exits to other IB). The list is not comprehensive nor do I attest to it being accurate.

Los Angeles

- 12-14: Ares PE, FFL, Kayne Anderson
- 13-15: Lionsgate Corp Dev, Dutch LA, Vance Street
- 14-16: HIG, Lyft, Fidelity M&A
- 15-17: Shamrock, Odyssey, Moelis LA, BAML FSG, GS WRA

Barclays LA
- 12-14: TPG, Stealth Startup
- 13-15: Marlin Equity, LGP, Oaktree PE
- 14-16: 3rd Year, GS Nat Res, One Rock, Moelis LA, LGP
- 15-17: TPG, Aurora
- 16-18: Brentwood, Silver Lake

Citi LA
- 12-14: 3rd Year, Rouse, 3rd Year NY C&R, 3rd Year Centerview NY
- 13-15: KKR Credit, 3rd Year, Moelis LA
- 14-16: 3rd Year, Riverside Partners, Lazard SF
- 15-17: 3rd Year, Seidler Equity

Credit Suisse LA
- 12-14: Oaktree, Luminous Capital, Marcato Capital, General Atlantic (China)
- 13-15: Oaktree HY, Colony Capital, Marlin Equity, Ares PE, Oaktree
- 14-16: CS PE NY, Ares PE, Deutsche Bank FSG, Ares PE, Freeman Spogli
- 15-17: Capital Spring, Ares PE, Oaktree HY, CS NY, DB DCM Florida, Oaktree PE, Crescent Capital

Goldman LA
- 12-14: 3rd Year
- 13-15: 3rd Year, DogVacay, Point 72
- 14-16: Oaktree Distressed Debt, Rothschild LA, Silver Lake
- 15-17: Onex, Atlas Partners

Houlihan Rx
- 12-14: Saybrook, Onex, Whalerock, Oaktree HY, American Infrastructure MP
- 13-15: Evercore RX NY, Goldman Sachs CFR Canada, Evercore Rx, Ares Direct Lending, Oaktree HY
- 14-16: Angel Island, Freeman Spogli, Ares PE, Qatalyst, Gryphon, Oaktree HY, Melody Capital
- 15-17: Oaktree Distressed Debt, Silver Lake, Moelis NY, Moelis NY, Evercore Rx NY, Riot Games Corp Dev, Freeman Spogli

Lazard LA
- 12-14: Ares PE, Aurora, Karlin Asset Management
- 13-15: Aurora, CAA Biz Dev
- 14-16: Oaktree, Arrowroot, Moelis LA, Oaktree
- 15-17: Marlin Equity, Ares PE, Real Estate Brokerage, Aurora

Moelis LA
- 10-12: TPG, Walt Disney Corp Dev, TPG, TPG, Gores Group, Silver Lake
- 11-13: Oaktree HY, Ares, Brentwood Associates, Oaktree Energy, Ares PE, Oaktree PE
- 12-14: Oaktree HY, Accel KKR, Colony American, BAML SF FSG, Pegasus Capital, Uber Corp Dev, KKR, Centerview
- 13-15: Silver Lake, Onex, Carlyle NY, Centerbridge, Spectrum Equity, HIG, Scopely
- 14-16: CPP Toronto, CIM, Permira, Moelis NY, Apollo LA, Affirm, 3rd Year, Oaktree
- 15-17: LGP, KKR, Centerbridge, Oaktree, Lazard TMT, Credit Suisse, KKR

Morgan Stanley LA
- 12-14: Crescent Capital, Saban Capital, Wells Fargo
- 13-15: 3rd Year, 3rd Year, Moelis LA, Live Nation M&A, Commonfund, Genstar
- 14-16: Tricon Capital, 3rd Year, Alpha Legal, Goldman CR&H, Rain Group
- 15-17: CAA M&A, Crescent Capital, PWP NY, Deloitte LA, PWP SF, Moelis LA, True Car

San Francisco

Citi SF
- 12-14: 3rd Year, VM Ware Corp Dev
- 13-15: 3rd Year, North Bridge, Technology Crossover Ventures
- 14-16: 3rd Year, 3rd Year, 3rd Year, Spectrum, Peterson Partners, Sorenson Capital, JMI Equity
- 15-17: Lovell Minnick, Munchery

Evercore SF
- 12-14: Norwest Venture, Symphony Technology
- 14-16: Vista Equity, Palantir
- 15-17: Genstar, issuu, Qadium, Thoma Bravo

Goldman Sachs SF - TMT
- 12-14: Andreesen Horowitz
- 13-15: Google Capital, Associate, GI Partners, 3rd Year, Golden Gate, LinkedIn Biz Dev
- 14-16: Gainsight, TPG, Associate, Associate, Siris Capital, Associate, Slack Biz Dev, Golden Gate, Twitter Biz Dev, Kleiner Perkins, Index Ventures, Associate
- 15-17: Harvard Business School, Accel KKR, Associate, Associate, Silver Lake, Sageview, Capital G, Google Strat & Ops, Assocaite, Uber Strat and Planning, Uber Strat and Planning, Point 72, Google Capital, Thoma Bravo, Associate, Associate

JP Morgan SF - TMT
- 13-15: Associate, Virunga, 3rd Year
- 14-16: London Analyst, Associate, FTV Capital, Altman Vilandrie, Gain Sight, Sherpa Capital, Oak Hill, Full Stack, Golden Gate, Arma Partners, Millstein Rx, Francisco Partners
- 15-17: GI Partners, Angel Island, Associate

Lazard SF
- 14-16: Gores Group, Associate
- 15-17: Spectrum Equity, Takt Biz Dev, Bregal Sagemount, Blackstone PE (Singapore), Lazard NY HC, Associate, Uber Biz Dev

Morgan Stanley SF
- 12-14: Golden Gate
- 13-15: TPG, Enjoy
- 15-17: New Enterprise, Francisco Partners, Sansome Partners, Y Combinator, Francisco Partners, Level Equity, CD&R, Cerberus, Stitch Fix

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Apr 25, 2019

interesting, some of the LA groups definitely seem to kill it for PE recruiting

Apr 25, 2019

Would also be interested in seeing CS SF. Thanks for the list!

Apr 25, 2019

Jesus those exits - especially considering the class sizes are so much smaller.

Apr 25, 2019
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