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Mar 28, 2019


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Mar 28, 2019

From what you have shared, you have a unique personal background which will be interesting to top schools.

I'm curious about your timing. At most top MBA programs, the typical incoming student has 4-5 years of work experience. The 80% range is 3-8 years of work experience. If I am following you correctly, you are intending to apply on the very low end of the range. As someone who comes from a very 'typical' pre-MBA role, having fewer years of work experience will not do you any favors. Adcom is looking for students who have personal and professional experiences that will add to the learning environment. Applicants with just 2-3 years work experience often fall short here.

While you seem to 'check the boxes' with respect to extracurriculars, I'm curious as to how robust the experiences have been and what sort of impact or contribution you have made. For example, did you spearhead innovative initiatives in your pre-professional clubs? Or were you simply a title holder?

I'm not sure how your 'essays are starting to look really good' when applications for the 2019-20 season haven't been released yet. I presume that there is some very interesting narrative based on your Asian/Latino background and the fact that you speak 4 languages. You will need to bring all of these aspects together and answer the three key questions - Why MBA? Why Now? Why THIS program?

Feel free to reach out for a free consultation and we can discuss specifics of your profile and goals.

All the best!

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Mar 28, 2019

Hmmm. Your personal background sounds interesting. The question would become how has it influenced your thinking. Schools will like fluency in 4 languages.

Your GPA is below average for your target programs. Your anticipated GMAT is competitive for all your target schools and somewhat above average for Fuqua.

I'm concerned however that the fact that you have a below average GPA and will apply with less than average amount of work experience will really hurt. Obviously waiting a year or two will take care of that issue. It will also put more distance between you and your GPA.

You might be interested in the following resources:

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Mar 28, 2019