What courses to take in grade 12?

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I would like to get into a target undergraduate program in Canada, like Ivy HBA or Queens commerce, and then work in IB or HF. I believe these programs require you to take Calculus and Vectors, Advanced Functions, and U English, what other 3-5 courses should I take in grade 12? Does it really matter as long as they are U or M and I have good grades in them?

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Aug 31,2017

I think you're overthinking this, just take what's required and get good grades

Aug 31,2017

AP cunnilingus
a foreign language
something practical like personal finance

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Aug 31,2017

Take the most advanced classes your school offers and do well in them.

Aug 31,2017
Aug 31,2017

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Aug 31,2017

GTFO high schooler

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Sep 30,2017