What decent MBA programs are in my reach?

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I understand that top 7 MBA schools are out of my reach. I'll leave those schools to those much smarter than me. Honestly, I'm fine with top 20 MBAs instead.

- 26 years old
- 3.5 GPA in Computer Science @ University of Michigan
- GMAT: 670
- 5 years work experience total:
2 years as Software Engineer for Ford Motor Company, 3 years as Software Engineer for Quicken Loans
- Took a few finance/marketing/accounting courses in my alma mater (minored in business)

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Mar 9, 2014

I think you'd be in the running at most non-M7, top-20 schools. The only thing preventing you from having a chance at M7 schools is your GMAT. A 50 point bump would put you in the mix at most of them. It's hard to tell from your work experience, but did you work for 5 years at the same level? If so, that would be a bit concerning and definitely something to address in your applications. What do you want to do with an MBA? That may end up informing your choice of where to apply.

Mar 9, 2014

Pretty much any T10-20 would be within your reach, you have decent grades and W/E, nothing seems particularly standout either way with the W/E, but it isn't bad either, how are your softs? What are your goals, the schools that would seem to be good choices for you would be, assuming good softs and a general management or finance focus, Midwest/Upper South/Northeast.

Fuqua (more forgiving on the GMAT than most)
Stern (if you can raise the GMAT)

Carnegie Mellon (quanty)
Keenan Flagler


Mar 9, 2014

What do you want to do after MBA? Either way, since you can't change most of the stuff you listed except the GMAT, it makes me think you are flat out lazy. You could spend 2 months and bump that over 700.

We can't give you advice if we don't know what you want to do and all the other details.

Mar 9, 2014

Also where are you located? Where do you want to work afterward?

You are probably best to focus on regional focused schools that have strong brand and placement in the area. As long as you have a strong story those stats are good enough for Canadian schools like UoT, Schulich, Ivey etc which are very well respected in Ontario.

Mar 10, 2014

Thanks for the replies. I'm also a first generation college graduate and came from a poverty family, if that matters, and led a few projects in a community service program during college.

About the GMAT, I had mononucleosis while taking the test + only wanted to see where I'd stand. Now that I'm all clear and studying hard, I plan on re-taking it soon and feel confident I could score a 700+.

It's difficult knowing what exactly I want to do post-MBA since there are so many different options. I feel that I could work as a product manager at Silicon Valley; however, I also have an interest (a REAL interest unlike some who come to the field only for the money) in finance and could do equity research or corporate strategy/development.

Do you guys have any recommendations on what's perfect for an introvert (INTJ) like me?

Mar 10, 2014