What is the future of the hedge fund industry and will non-automated/quant strategies be able to compete?

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Hi I am in high school and I really like investment (not day trading nor the different automated trading methods). I like value investing, growth investing, arbitrage, and generally strategies that are more discretionary and require understanding businesses and going deep into them. I do use quant models to layer my thoughts and I do like trading but I hold positions for several days to a month, sometimes several. When I invest I hold forever though.

I keep hearing that the hedge fund industry (the type of fund I want to build) is a) matured (not seeing much growth and many investors leaving and the top funds have consolidated most of the capital) and b) that most hedge funds are shifting towards quant/automated systems and non-automated traders might not have a future

I really like investment and I want to use my strategies to build a hedge fund. What can you expect for the future of the industry in general and for the future of longer term and non-automated investors.