What minor to pursue at IU Kelley?

Hello everyone, 

I'm an undergrad student at IU Kelley double majoring in Finance and Accounting. The classes are mostly doable and many people pursue this pathway at Kelley. 

I have been thinking about pursuing a minor because I have lots of AP credit that will give me lots of free class slots during my freshman and sophomore year. My job interests(not ranked) right now are wealth management, sports finance, IB(to private equity), and financial regulation. I'll have a better grasp of my top job during college.

I looked into a computer science minor but people keep saying doing all that work with a double major is brutal. 

So what would be a good and doable minor to pursue with the double major?  Will it even add anything? Are people wrong about how hard all that work will be or no? Thanks. 

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Jun 2, 2021 - 5:24pm

Honestly dude, choose something you personally find interesting. No minor is not going to get you a job and you're only going to be in undergrad once. I did an oddball minor during undergrad simply because I was genuinely interested in it. It had no applicability to my career. The funny part was that the interesting minor ended up being a major discussion point during interviews. It shows that you aren't a robot and have real interests. 

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