What should one prepare to enter Renaissance Tech or D.E.Shaw?

Hi everyone.

I am a first-year student in a Top 20 Math PhD program in US without any internship experiences in finance industry. Besides maintain a good progress toward the PhD degree, I wonder what else I should do to increase the chance to enter a top-tier hedge fund (such as the two I mentioned in the title).

My own thoughts are:

To improve myself: I could take CFA, learn more about finance, algorithms, stochastic processes,etc.
To build my resume: I should have some internship experiences.

But I am not sure what I should do particularly and their priorities.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could answer my questions with specific suggestions.

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Apr 30,2016

I recommend quantnet it will give you the information you want.

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Apr 30,2016

One does not simply choose RenTech. RenTech chooses you (100% serious).

No one should ever 'aim' to get into RenTech because that's just not how it works. Instead, I'd focus on places like DE Shaw, Two Sigma, Citadel, ect.

Forget the CFA - it is worthless for you.


These forums will all be able to help you out.

Apr 30,2016

RenTech is the hedge fund equivalent of illuminati so focus on other top options.
Have a look at the interview guides for a rough idea of the basic requirements.

Apr 30,2016