You know how LinkedIn gives you the option to include a short message with your invitation? I've sent those to a few people and had my connection requests accepted, the people have read the messages but never got back to me. Should I just drop them in this case or should I send a follow up message again given that they accepted me? Or will it be too pushy given that they never replied back to my message?

My issue is why accept me as a contact, read the message and then keep me as a connection if you never have the intention to reply.

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I've found myself running into the same situation as you. My suggestion would be to follow the typical networking/cold email advice of following up with another message about a week or so later.

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What would you say in the follow up message though? "AYYYYY, I noticed that you've seen my message and never replied back so I am messaging you again to have your attention"


Your follow-up response will depend on the content of your initial outreach message, sooo... post the message, dawg.


This. I've had great success getting people to connect by using a very short connection invite message (ex: "XYZ university student interested in learning about investment banking and ABC"). Very few will actually reply to my first message, but they do connect with me. So in this case, my follow up is a longer message where I say a bit more about how I found them and to schedule call.

I'd say no matter what your follow-up message includes, starting it along the lines of "Thank you for connecting with me a couple of days/weeks ago, [body]." is always a good way to go.

Edit: Like many people are saying, emailing is also great. Follow up with them via email, starting off by saying that you connected on LinkedIn a few days/weeks ago


Repeat after me: "I will not LinkedIn message bankers."


Hint: email them not message on Linkedin.


On the mobile app, it's really not super clear that there's a message (it only shows the first line and you have to click on see more to see the full message) so I think a lot of people do miss these. Also, I think most people expect the person trying to network to message them (I agree with everyone that email is better than LinkedIn message) after they have accepted the invitation.


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