What type of due diligence am I performing for those who are in finance?

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Hi all,

PhD medical scientist here with no background in finance or wall street. Whenever I perform a due diligence for a specific healthcare or biotech company, I develop a thesis from a scientists perspective for myself before I invest, but I'm not sure what this type of work this is called. I figured that there's got to be something marketable about my work, but I'm not sure what to call it. Equity research? I basically critically analyze the experimental and clinical data that every company publishes/presents and determine if it passes my standards for a long-term investment

I apologize for the inexperience, but is this what research analysts do? I investigate companies like this on my own time, but I perform my due diligence from a very different angle.

I plan on cold emailing senior research analysts on getting their personal opinion, but I thought I'd drop by here first. I made a blog to upload my personal work called scientific-investments (can't upload a link bc i'm new here)

Thanks for the help!

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Sep 12, 2018