What would be the best transfer option for pursuing a career in BB IB or PE firms?

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I'm currently a rising junior (just completed sophomore year) at OSU Fisher school of business. Fucked up freshman year but got a 3.67 and 4.0 in my last two semesters. My cumulative GPA is a 3.475 and my business GPA is 3.66. I'm looking to transfer because I don't feel like OSU fisher students get recruited heavily from BB IB or even good boutique banks, especially ones located on the east coast where I'm from and looking to work. I've been looking to transfer but I'm not sure if my GPA is good enough for a school like NYU Stern or another school in the same category. I'm also not sure what kind of weight the OSU Fisher name carries when transferring. My high school GPA and ACT scores were decent but nothing great. I don't mind going extra semesters, especially if I can work while in school, and this is something i definitely want to do. Any suggestions or comments of where I should/can go?

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May 9, 2018