This is a broad question, I know.

What would one need in place from equity, contacts, lender relationships, legal underpinnings (LLC, Insurance, Business License, etc) and beyond to launch a successful acquisition shop focusing on multifamily and ground floor retail assets in the nyc metro area?

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I would say securing your capital is the most important thing to start. If you don't have the equity up front, you may miss some good opportunities when you are looking for opportunities

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Gotta agree with overtime. I have seen 1st time buyers close on a loan and property without knowing any lawyers, banks, title etc. You will need an equity source if you don't want to put down 25% of your own capital.


Timing. If you're looking to start doing multifamily acquisitions in NYC, I hope you're waiting for the dip in the market to happen. NYC MF has plateaued and the cracks in the ceiling are forming. YOY rents are down and concessions are up. Unless it's a steal, I wouldn't touch anything MF there right now.


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