What's a better option - try to find a gig at a smaller boutique with limited working experience, or MBA to re-brand?

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I'm working at the BO at a top PE firm and I get to learn a lot, but I would eventually like to work in the FO. What do you think is a better strategy - look for a boutique gig with my limited experience, or try to get into a top 15 MBA program and go through the internship route? I'm leaning towards MBA because I can use my firm's name to help leverage myself in my application, but I'm also thinking without the right work experience, it might be a no-go from the start.

If the boutique, how possible is it to get something like this? If the MBA, is there anything below top 15 I should maybe consider applying to?

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May 11, 2014

you want to work in FO PE?
or any old FO position?

i hear working in an FO PE position without 'PE experience', even out of a top MBA is not easy
you probably want to talk to @"Marcus_Halberstram" abot dis

happy to give advice; no asking for referrals please

May 11, 2014