What's up with stern?

I've talked to a couple of the student ambassadors and it seems like their answers to questions are straight from the brochure.

What do you like about Stern?
The community. It's such an amazing community.

What don't you like about Stern?
Oh, there are just so many opportunities out there that it's hard to take advantage of them all.

So my question you current stern students... what's the deal with the school? Is the community as strong as they say it is or is this an admissions thing to say? What are some valid concerns about the school? I'm looking at the MBA program btw.

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Mar 8, 2008 - 2:13pm

I am an admissions ambassador at my school(not stern) and can tell you that we are a part of the admissions team and are trained to echo their views. Best thing to do would be to find someone within your network who currently goes to, or went to Stern and talk to them in an informal setting..u should also be at bw forums

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